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Managed Shopping Ads service for your online store

A fully managed service including Google Shopping, Bing Shopping, Google CSS, Price Comparison Listing, Datafeed Management and performance improvements.

No fees for Google and Bing Shopping Ads (PLA), Search Ads, datafeed management and performance optimisations. You simply pay us commission based on the sales we generate for your online store.

Advertising Channels

Already running Shopping Ads campaigns or Google CSS?

You can work with multiple Google CSS partners, so whether you don’t currently have any Shopping campaign running, or you’re running multiple campaigns with different agencies, our Shopping Ads Service / CSS channel is proven to drive incremental sales on top of all your existing activities. Use our free and risk-free service in parallel with any existing activity to amplify your campaigns further and find the potential customers you aren’t currently reaching.

How you collect the products data?

We use multiple data source to get your products data, including your affiliate network API and product information on your website. we automatically update your products data every 12 hours, run optimisation and submit the optimised datafeed to our advertising channels (Google Shopping, Bing Shopping, …). You can access your optimised datafeed file on request at no cost.

Do you need access to my Google / Bing accounts?

No, we don’t need access to any of your accounts including Google Ads, Bing Ads, Google Analytics, or the Google Merchant Centre.

How to get started?

Simply search for Shopila on your affiliate network and invite us to your program or just let us know when you’re ready to get started and we’ll make the magic happen. Once we’ve created your feed and it’s live and generating traffic, we will work on optimising your ads and we will work together on the commission rate. You can control the commission rate at a catalogue level, category level or even product level, and vary it on a monthly basis. We aim to be as transparent as possible, so any increase in commission goes directly into buying more traffic for you.

Shopila - Premium Google CSS Partner
Join us and increase your sales – Absolutely risk-free and no obligation!

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Shopila - Premium Google CSS Partner